Excellence solutions in
signal and electric power transmission for
the aerospace industry.

Added value

TECHNOLOGY: Prestel Avio, a remarkable example of  ownership stability, is the undiscussed Italian leader in the aircraft wire harnesses manufacturing.

Pannello_Cielo_PrestelPrestel Avio offers to its aerospace Customers a team of highly qualified specialists equipped with cutting-edge systems, able to draw effective solutions from an extremely wide area of personal and Corporate experiences.

Prestel Avio can rely on the trustworthiness of an extremely flexible and reactive production, realising ever since top level products for the most demanding markets.


ADVANTAGES/BENEFITS: Prestel Avio is able to supply to its Customers quick and extremely relevant answers, matching effectively their most demanding expectations.

VALUE PROPOSITION: Long lasting experience and scrupulous training of the staff.

Capability in integrating stabilized processes and products with will and aptitude in developing tailor made ones responding to market needs.

Flexibility both in approaching and solving problems.

Reactiveness to Customer’s inputs.

Habit in applying winning solutions suggested by Corporate experience.

Continuous research of the efficiency in processes and of the effectiveness of actions.

All these features grant Prestel Avio an undeniable advantage gap against the strongest Competitors.