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The Technical Working Tables developed by Torino Piemonte Aerospace, focus on increasing the internationalization of Piedmont Small and Medium Industries  thanks to the development and improvement of their capabilities. This pre-fixed target is to be reached through innovation and technological growth on issues being highly appealing for the international markets. Through this initiative, TPA helps the associated SMI in generating the essential critical mass and synergies  to face new and more ambitious challenges.

Prestel Avio replied to this project with both motivation and enthusiasm. The result was the creation of new base for a business approach revision: an essential requirement to be internationally attractive. Such an approach cannot set aside nor from technological capabilities improvement, or from partnership within the SMI composing an ideal supply chain. Both factors are boosters for a winning value proposition. In particular, Prestel Avio joined 2 extremely successful Technical Working Tables:

1.AIRCRAT STRUCTURES & INTERIORS aggregating SMI with the aim of developing a cabin seat with innovative design, structure and infotainment.
2.AEROSPACE COMPONENTS & SYSTEMS developing a flying platform with innovative propulsion system, revolutionary design and advanced control systems. Such project, named Green Glider, has been proposed and coordinated by Professor Paolo Maggiore from the Politecnico di Torino.
Green GliderGreen Glider

The Technical Working Tables have stimulated some further activities aiming to satisfy the needs of innovation and the relevant consequent experimentation. Prestel Avio is now working in synergy with several Piedmont SMI and University Teachers from the Politecnico di Torino to create within its structure a Laboratory  to develop products able to widen the Company proposal to the aerospace market. The Laboratory will allow becoming familiar with new production techniques, experimenting and strengthening new production processes, integrating standard or innovative products with technologies already mastered or developed by other partners within the Piedmont aerospace area.